The ‘all rainbows and unicorns’, ‘Love and Light’ paradigm, so prevalent among New Age circles, is a result of a demasculinized humanity, unwilling to face the unpleasant aspects of our world. The attractive ‘feelgood’ philosophy may seem comforting in the short term , but it’s shallow and doesn’t bring about fundamental changes so desperately needed in these times of major global shifts. It’s a kind of a self-hypnosis; tucking yourself warmly into deep sleep. Anger is a healthy reaction to atrocities, and it can be a powerful motivating force for change. The person who smiles all the time is called a neurotic. Satisfaction is deeper than ‘happiness’.
Giving attention to the darkness does not feed it; reflecting on it increases the influx of light. Truth is not always pretty, but it’s remedying nevertheless. With blindfolds on we’re headed straight into impending doom. Face it and erase it.
Having faith in a brighter future while ignoring the inadequacies of the present is a pipe dream that cuts itself from its own realization…You can’t build a castle on top of ruins.
Turning the blind eye to the world or our own darkness is psychological repression; we must face the world in its entirety, with its highs and its lows. That doesn’t mean taking a pessimisitic or fatalistic outlook, since all the crap that’s going on is not built-into the nature of the world nor is it necessarily there by default. The world is not cruel or ‘evil’ in itself, or ‘good’ for that matter; there are no value judgments independent of the evaluator.  Any ‘problems’ that we may  encounter (besides natural catastrophies?) are a result of our own screw-ups, individually and collectively, so it’s up to us to remove the causes in our thinking and behaviour that lead to manifestations we do not like, and work towards a better future from the starting point of how things are at the present moment.
 If we do not identify the root causes of the problems we see in the world we can never solve them….Turning away from them won’t make them go away; untreated infection just spreads around even more…anaesthetics may numb the pain but they don’t cure the disease.
Perfection may be unattainable; because we can always push the goal post a little further ahead. But improvement is always possible, and necessary.
‘Utopia’ for me isn’t something unachievable, but it requires our collective cooperation for the greatest good of all. What a new years resolution, huh?
I’m optimistic when I think of what we’re capable of, but we shall see what plays out…

Thanks for your time!Miodrag Vujaković


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